CLC Asia

Our Services

Government affairs

The principals of CLC Asia have significant experience advising governments and state owned entities, particularly in Thailand. When combining this experience with investor relations best practice, we can help private sector clients refine their message to government clients in a way which best communicates our clients’ business as well as assist in stakeholder relationship matters.

Policy research and advisory

As policy advisors working in the heart of government, we provide our clients with clear and informed background and interpretation on government strategy and policies, helping our clients align their commercial objectives with policy realities and frameworks.

Industry analysis

We provide in-depth market studies and initial non-legal/non-financial due diligence for potential investments and partnerships in Asia. Our work goes beyond ‘off the shelf’ studies available elsewhere in order to give clients a clear picture of a target company with ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) analysis, as well as relevant market dynamics and structure, key players, industry trends and market outlook.

Country risk analysis

CLC Asia offers clients comprehensive investigations into political and country risk events which may arise in a market. These events can include corruption, bureaucratic blockages, poor stakeholder relations, political and policy shifts, terrorism and security, legal and regulatory irregularities, religious and health related concerns.