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Our Projects

Below are samples of projects we have worked on. Clients include Blue-chip firms, regional governments, trade organisations, investors, law firms and private equity groups.

Thailand Agritech analysis

Assisting New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), CLC Asia undertook a major six-month study on Agritech export opportunities to Thailand. The project looked at a range of sectors including beef, dairy, grain, vertical farming.

The project involved extensive liaison with government, academia, and industry to understand how Thailand developing its Agritech sector.

Government liaison with Thai State Owned Enterprises

A Thai based infrastructure provider had purchased Political Risk Insurance (PRI) from our client (a major global insurer) which covered non-payment by government entities.  Following the Thai government entity defaulting on its payments and the subsequent insurance claim, CLC Asia assisted our client between 2013 and 2020 provider as part of the overall litigation and arbitration process.

CLC Asia acted as commercial advisors to assist in ongoing litigation support as well as liaising with government agencies on our client’s behalf to ensure settlement.

FTA liberalization and trade impact

Following the tariff liberalization of agricultural goods under the Thai-Australian Free Trade Agreement (‘TAFTA’), our Australian based client was planning a major marketing push into Thailand.

The client was sensitive to the fact that despite the guaranteed Australian access under TAFTA and AANZFTA, there would still be lingering opposition in government and industry to increased competition to its product, which could potentially result in new non-tariff barriers being implemented.

CLC Asia undertook a detailed study on the state of the domestic industry, interviewing a wide array of government and industry stakeholders to gauge the views towards increased Australian product entering this space and the impacts it could have on the local industry.

Dairy industry analysis

We assisted an Australian client looking to understand the politically sensitive dairy industry in Thailand. This included an in-depth market study into the dairy industry in Thailand, market dynamics and the potential demand for Thai dairy farmers for feed supplies from Western Australia and Victoria.

Thai energy market and regulatory frameworks

Over the years CLC Asia has assisted clients in understanding different aspects of the Thai energy sector. Typical of this work was an ‘Oil & Gas Business Environment Assessment Report’ for a large Gulf State National Oil company looking to purchasing significant oil and gas concessions in the Gulf of Thailand.

Our report included overviews and assessments of the current economic state, the impact of politics and the prospect of instability, an in-depth overview of the energy bureaucracy as well as key stakeholders (government, civil service and NGOs).

The report summarized our view on the likelihood of further instability in the oil and gas regulatory framework leading up to 2023, and working with energy experts at our partner firm AWR Lloyd, we produced an oil and gas sector viability assessment.

Strategic Energy ‘Land bridge’

Advising the Royal Thai government and a major Middle Eastern investor on the economic and political potential for a $10 Billion ‘Strategic Energy Land Bridge’ across Southern Thailand. The Land Bridge concept consists of a 2 million barrel per day oil pipeline across the Thai peninsula, as well as associated oil refining and storage facilities.

CLC Asia consultants identified the potential for the development of oil trading activities, forecast East Asian and domestic Thai demand for crude oil and analysed the potential for developing added-value services, such as refining and Petro-chemicals. Consultants also advised on political risk related issues for developing such projects in Thailand’s restive southern provinces.

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