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Can Thai Airways change under its new President?

The appointment of Dr Piyasavsti Amranand– a strong willed and reform minded government insider – as President of Thai Airways International (‘THAI’) marks a potential turning point for a company which has historically been riddled with political infighting, patronage and poor performance compared to its regional peers. In taking up…

Impact of Cambodian tensions on the Thai economy

In a note to customers this past week, KGI published their estimates of the impact that recent Thai-Cambodian tensions have had on the on the Thai economy and stock market. KGI have estimated that the impact on Thai GDP to date has been negligible given the limited value of international…

Laos mining – Political risk and regulatory overview

Laos, with its abundant natural resources has often been touted as one of Asia’s final frontiers for miners. Nevertheless, challenges remain in dealing with government in one of the poorest nations in Asia. Below is a brief insight into the industry, regulatory framework, and some political risk considerations for investors….


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