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Burmese reforms – the real deal?

After decades of isolationism, ethnic tension and repressive government, Myanmar (Burma) embarked on an ambitious programme to liberalise its political system and economy. The programme began with elections in November 2010, which brought the pro-military Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) under Thein Sein to power. At the time, the…

CLC Asia in the Wall Street Journal

CLC Asia managing director Christopher Larkin was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on recent developments in Thai-Cambodian relations. The original article appeared here: Yingluck Faces Diplomatic Hurdles in Cambodia By James O’Toole When Yingluck Shinawatra touches down in Cambodia on Thursday as part of her first regional tour…

CLC Asia interview: China, Thailand and how best to do business in Asia.

CLC Asia Managing Director, Chris Larkin was recently interviewed by top-10 Risk Management Website, “Political Risks Explored”, sharing views on China, Thailand and how best to do business in Asia. The original interview is available here. Political Risk Explored: Currently a lot of focus on political risk revolves around China…

Where to next for the Laos mining sector?

The past three years have been a period of relative uncertainty in the Laos mining sector. In 2008, the Lao National Assembly passed a new version of its mining legislation, though remained quiet on necessary implementation decrees needed to bring the new legislative regime into effect. A subsequent December 2009…


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